OER Grant Pilot Program, 2021

The UBC Okanagan Open Educational Resources Grant pilot program provided funding and support to UBC Okanagan faculty to adapt or create open educational resources. Open Educational Resources (OER) are any teaching and learning materials that are made available to others to use without cost, and with an open license that allows for their reuse, revision, and redistribution. OERs may include open textbooks, lesson plans, quizzes and test banks, videos, animation, and simulations, class handouts, interactive activities and tools, and presentations.

2020/21 Funded Projects

Context-Embedded Guided-Inquiry Learning Modules for Large Introductory Chemistry Courses

Lead applicant: W. Stephen McNeil, Faculty of Science

Co-applicants: Tamara K. Freeman, Faculty of Science

Fostering Best Practices In Reproducible Analyses Across The Biology Curriculum

Lead applicant: Jason Pither, Faculty of Science

Co-applicants: Sharon Hanna, UBCO Library, Mathew Vis-Dunbar, UBCO Library, Corrina Thomsen, PhD Student, Biology, Clerissa Copeland, BSc Hons. Student, Biology

Development of formula-Driven Question Bank for Randomised In-Lecture Activities and Tutorial Questions for Apsc181 Dynamics

Lead applicant: Peyman Yousefi, School of Engineering

Co-applicant: Ernest Goh, School of Engineering

Introductory Thermodynamics:  An Open Textbook for Engineering Undergraduate Students

Lead applicant: Claire Yan, School of Engineering

Developing Open Educational Resources To Contribute To The Indigenization of A Japanese Language Class: Introducing The Ainu Culture To Japanese Language Students

Lead applicant: Nina Langton, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies

Statistics Lab Manual for Psychological Science

Lead applicant: Brian O’Connor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Co-applicants: Leanne ten Brinke, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Zakary Draper, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Developing An Open, Versioned, Algorithmically Randomized Physics Problem Bank Using Inclusive Language

Lead applicant: Firas Moosvi, Faculty of Science

Co-applicants: Graham Bovett, Faculty of Science, Michael Kudla, Faculty of Science, Stephen Collins, Faculty of Science, Teresa Saller, Faculty of Science

Listening and Speaking English for Academic Purposes:  Materials Development for Students Learning English As An Additional Language On UBC Okanagan Campus

Lead applicant: Scott Roy Douglas, Okanagan School of Education

Co-applicants: Amber McLeod, Okanagan School of Education

Psychological Science Lab Manual: An Open Resource for Introduction To Research Methods and Design

Lead applicant: Derrick Wirtz, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences