About the Aspire-2040 Learning Transformations fund

First established in 2015 as the Aspire Learning and Teaching (ALT) Fund, the Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic established the Aspire-2040 Learning Transformations Fund ( ALT-2040 Fund) to accelerate the transformative learning recommendations of the Aspire Vision. The fund focused on transforming student learning through innovations implemented at the academic program level.

In 2019, the fund’s scope and guidelines were re-structured to create a bridge from Aspire to Outlook 2040 and encourage a wider range of projects. The fund was renamed the ALT-2040 Fund. The next changes came in the Fall of 2021 when the Open Educational Resources grant pilot program was merged into the ALT-2040 Fund as a third, distinct funding stream.


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How to Apply

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Priority Focus Areas

Projects funded through the ALT-2040 Fund are required to align with priority focus areas, providing benefits and learning transformation to students across all disciplines.

Related UBC Plans and Priorities:

Priority focus areas are selected annually with consideration of transformative learning strategies and teaching and learning priorities expressed in aligned plans and reports:

2024 Focus Areas:

  • Strengthen and expand Indigenous-focused curricula in existing courses and programs and/or strengthen instructors’ competence with incorporating Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing in their teaching.
  • Transform curricula by incorporating equitable and anti-racist teaching and pedagogies that promote locally and globally relevant and responsive ways of learning, knowing, and translating knowledge.
  • Expand educational opportunities that encourage students’ active engagement with the climate emergency by enhancing climate change content and learning activities in one or more existing courses.
  • Redesign a course for delivery in an online, hybrid or multi-access format to introduce innovative teaching and learning practices and leverage Universal Design for Learning principles.
  • Create and/or incorporate OER to make education more affordable and accessible to students. Priority will be given to projects which implement OER into multi-section courses or multiple courses, and projects that have high student impacts.
  • Recognize disciplinary skills or competency acquisition in one or more courses through the creation of non-credit credentials or digital badges that may be laddered into a non-credit, proficiency-based credential.
  • Co-develop curricula with external partners (community, industry, etc.) and offer credit or proficiency-based non-credit opportunities accessible to both UBC students and external learners (may be delivered separately).
  • Innovate courses by experimenting with novel knowledge translation techniques to produce new or adapt existing educational materials and resources for use in the unique learning environments available through Constellation.


Program administration for the ALT-2040 Fund is provided by the Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic, Okanagan. Questions may be directed to:

Michelle Lamberson
Director, Flexible Learning Special Projects