Application Process

It all starts with an idea

Each year, the ALT-2040 fund welcomes project proposals with the intent to fund exciting new projects that will transform teaching and learning on our campus.

Getting started:

Remember to ask questions at any time in the process by emailing Please allow for adequate time for response prior to submission deadlines.

Develop a proposal idea
Reach out to collaborators
    • Confirm the resources and support you will need to complete your project.
Confirm necessary approvals
    • Review your project idea with your Department/Unit Heads/Directors to ensure adequate support.
    • Assemble all necessary letters of support.
Submit an online proposal
    • Proposals must be submitted online through the ALT-2040 application portal. Click ‘Apply Online’ on the menu above to get started.
    • Be aware of deadlines specific to your chosen funding stream.

Submission Timeline

Applications for the ALT-2040 Fund must be submitted online and require a proposal.

  • Applicants submit proposals online by 3 pm on February 29, 2024.
  • The proposal is reviewed by the adjudication committee.
  • The adjudication committees make funding recommendations to the Provost (or designate).
  • The Provost (or designate) finalizes the funding decisions and announces successful projects.
  • Funds are to be made available as soon as practical after approval.

Approvals needed

Before submitting your proposal, please ensure you have the approval required from all participating Faculties. All proposals must include applicable letters of support.

All proposal submissions require:

    • A letter of support from the department/unit head/director of the Lead Applicant;
    • A resource commitment letter from any UBC department/unit or administrative unit committing resources; and
    • A letter of support from the Dean (or designate) of the lead applicant and the Dean of any UBC Okanagan faculty/school that is committing resources.

Constellation Protostar fellowship stream:

    • An approval letter from the Director or designate of proposed Constellation partner that identifies the resource commitments. Contact to arrange for any support letter.