Development of Open Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology Instructor and Student Resources that Promote and Support EDI in Health Care Education

Project Team

  • Zoë Soon, Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of Biology, Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science (Lead Applicant)
  • Jennifer Kong, Faculty, School of Computing Academic Health Sciences, BCIT and Affiliate Faculty, Faculty of Medicine, UBC Vancouver
  • Helen Dyck, Manager, David Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre, Faculty of Medicine, UBC Vancouver
  • Jonathan Bush, Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of David Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre, Faculty of Medicine, UBC Vancouver


  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • OER
  • Professional Skills and Competencies



About the Project

Full title: Creation of Open Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology Instructor and Student Educational Resources that Promote and Support Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity in Health Care Curricula

This project includes the first, and only, open source Pathology textbook and it is being designed to appeal for use in a variety of pathology courses across the province, nation and internationally. To add to its value and adoption, we are designing accompanying instructor and student study resources, which have become a highly coveted asset in today’s teaching and learning.  Furthermore, introductory sections of each system will cover typical human anatomy, physiology, and histology which will be useful for first-year undergraduate courses, increasing the reach, utility and applicability of this resource.

Pathology is a course that is taken by most Health Care profession students. Currently, there are 450 students enrolled in UBCO pathology courses alone. We aim to reduce course textbook costs for students, which can range from $160-$200. Additionally, the goal is to support instructor and student adoption of language that better supports peoples that have traditionally been marginalized across many academic and workplace settings including healthcare. Available publisher-produced pathology textbooks and resources frequently use race-based and gender binary language to discuss differences in body morphology and disease risk factors and outcomes.

Our goal is to create resources that reflect diversity, equity and inclusivity for all, mindfully supporting IBPOC and LGBTQ2+ students and patients. Additionally, we will be ensuring the textbook and accompanying resources have incorporated both accessibility and Universal Design of Learning (UDL) components.

This project’s funding will be used to hire students that will be given valuable opportunities to build writing, creative design, computer skills including 3D virtual anatomical model and pathological image preparation using photogrammetry and high-tech scanning, as well as bolster knowledge of anatomy, physiology and various human pathologies.

Awarded in the 2022 Program and Learning Experience Enhancement Stream

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