Academic Integrity in the Disciplines

Project Team

  • Robert Janke, Deputy University Librarian, Okanagan Campus, UBC Okanagan Library (Lead Applicant)
  • Amanda Brobbel, Senior Manager, Writing & Language Learning Services, UBC Okanagan Library
  • Leah Wafler, Academic Integrity Facilitator, UBC Okanagan Library
  • Robin Young, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Biology, Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science
  • Sajni Lacey, Learning and Curriculum Support Librarian, UBC Okanagan Library
  • Jane June, Southern Medical Program Librarian, UBC Okanagan Library
  • Melanie Willson, Assistant Professor of Teaching, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health and Social Development


  • Interdisciplinary
  • Teaching Resources



About the Project

The Academic Integrity Matters (AIM) program at UBCO provides educational support for students to learn and apply best practices for academic integrity, offering a supportive intervention for students before disciplinary measures are taken for academic integrity violations. Since 2015, AIM has supported over 639 students referred to the program by faculty across different disciplines for academic integrity concerns. Additionally, it offers two Canvas courses with general content for all students, with over 2000 students enrolled for credit in a single term.

Moving forward, materials are needed to support academic integrity education for a diverse range of disciplinary backgrounds. This project is designed to begin developing discipline-specific academic integrity support for Biology and Nursing and the Health Sciences more broadly using the existing AIM content and courses as a model and guide. In addition, this is an opportune moment to integrate information about generative artificial intelligence and academic integrity. With no content of this nature currently available in Canada, this project fills both a campus and national need for discipline-specific academic integrity resources.

To accomplish this task, we will work with disciplinary insiders in Biology and Nursing. Thus, faculty partners will support developing, reviewing, and implementing the discipline-specific academic integrity content, plus one graduate student will be hired to support a consultation process, research, design, and development of materials to support the disciplinary content. Going forward, this project will create a template process for other disciplines and faculties to adapt the academic integrity content to support the students in their programs.