Assimilation of Management and Health: Collaborative On-Line Curriculum for Conceptualizing Inter-Professionalism

Project Team

  • Jennifer Jakobi, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health & Social Development (Lead Applicant)
  • Mike Chiasson, Professor, Director, Faculty of Management
  • Jennifer Davis, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management
  • Tanya Forneris, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Undergraduate Coordinator, Faculty of Health & Social Development
  • Rebecca Frechette, Community Placement Coordinator, Faculty of Health & Social Development
  • Jamie Snow, Associate Director, Community Relations, Faculty of Management


  • Flexible Learning
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Professional Skills and Competencies



About the Project

One of the largest growing business sectors is health and wellness. Professionals in these fields require knowledge in health and management. Students in HES and MGMT are typically discipline experts and know little about the other sector. We will create a flexible online learning Health Management Platform to resolve this issue of silo knowledge. Through online learning, which builds into an interdisciplinary credit course, we will facilitate knowledge growth that is documented in non-credit Letters of Proficiency (hereafter called Badges). There is no other program across Canada offering these types of formally documented interdisciplinary ‘Badges’. This unique program, has three distinct entry channels to offer flexibility in initiation of learning, will provide interdisciplinary education and create unique branding of our programs at UBCO. This learning opportunity will be made available to students at UBCO and UBCV, not just HES and MGMT. Badges will be built to equal credit time, and from content in existing courses in MGMT and HES. Although non-credit, the program will be rigorous, drawing upon existing MGMT and HES Curricula. Thus, the knowledge will be sufficient and formally documented through appropriate Senate procedures to serve as pre-requisites for an upper level Interdisciplinary course creating built-in opportunity for expansion. Material developed will be available to UBC instructors. Beyond ALT, we will grow this program to Community Members (fourth entry channel) for continued education and knowledge acquisition to apply to health industry. Thus, this ALT initiative of a Health Management Platform is inclusive and scalable. Students gain documented recognition and knowledge relevant to health sector management.

Additional Information