Re-envisioning Second Year Biology at UBC (2YB@UBC)

Project Team

  • Michael Deyholos, Professor and Head, Biology, Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences (Lead Applicant)
  • Sunita Chowrira, Associate Professor of Teaching, UBC Vancouver
  • Matthew Nelson, Lecturer, Biology, Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences
  • Richard Plunkett, Instructor, Biology, Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences
  • Robin Young*, Lecturer, Botany/Biology, UBC Vancouver


* Current (2022): Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Biology, Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science, UBC Okanagan


  • Flexible Learning
  • OER
  • Program Development and Transformation



About the Project

BIOL 200 (Cell Biology) is representative of a major gap in undergraduate science education: second-year courses tend to have very large enrolments, but lack the lab components that enhance first-year courses. This is especially true in molecular/cellular biology, due to the high cost of lab materials. Thus, traditional lectures are the main delivery format for second-year courses. We propose to develop new learning objects and, at UBC-O, implement a blended course delivery system for BIOL 200. The 160 min/week of traditional lectures will be replaced with on-line learning modules (customized animations, videos, readings, and assessments), which will be complemented by 80 min/week of classroom activities centered on team-based learning (quizzes, case studies, computer simulations) and live demonstrations. This partially flipped approach will improve student outcomes, improve efficiency of course delivery, and provide a model for flexible, blended learning in other second-year science courses at UBC.

Additional Information

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