The Use of 3D Imaging and Rapid Prototyping in Undergraduate Education

Project Team

  • Gregory duManoir, Assistant Professor of Teaching, School of Health & Exercise Sciences, Faculty of Health and Social Development (Lead Applicant)
  • Ray Taheri, Associate Professor of Teaching, School of Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Olusegun (Segun) Oyedele, Basic Science Instructor, Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences, Southern Medical Program, Faculty of Medicine


  • Interdisciplinary
  • Program Development and Transformation



About the Project

The use of cadavers in large anatomy classes is prohibitive. This project seeks to generate 3D images and CNC-milled foam models from 3D scans of cadavers from the medical school anatomy class for use in Human Kinetics anatomy classes and laboratories. Medical students will generate dissections of cadavers, which will then be scanned using a handheld 3D scanner. Engineering/Human Kinetics students will generate 3D images from this process to create a custom catalogue on the Library’s Digital Collections allowing students to access these images for study. In addition, CNC-milled models will be used in laboratory settings within Human Kinetics classes. This will allow students to access detailed, anatomically correct models for study. Finally, students will be able to “print” these models for use in individual study. The goal of this project is to provide individual and novel study opportunities for understanding human anatomy.