Flexible and Flipped Delivery Modules for First-Year Chemistry

Project Team

  • Stephen McNeil, Associate Professor, Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences (Lead Applicant)
  • Tamara Freeman, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences


  • Flexible Learning
  • Program Development and Transformation



About the Project

We will develop, deliver, and assess the effectiveness of both a revised curriculum and a revised delivery practice for first-year chemistry courses taken by all BSc students at UBC Okanagan. This new, largely flipped-class delivery model will transform the classroom activities undertaken by students. Unlike a traditional course format, where learners come to class only to listen passively to a lecture, in our revised course they will be continual active participants in their learning activities. Students will gain initial familiarity with concepts prior to class through the use of instructional videos and interactive simulations, and devote class time to working in small interactive groups to develop and apply anchoring concepts via in-class assignments and problem-based case studies. These activities will embed key principles of chemistry within a meaningful, “real-world” contextual framework, including examples drawn from historical events, current societal challenges, and chemistry research programs on both UBC campuses.

Additional Information