Digital Media Flexible Learning Modules

Project Team

  • Miles Thorogood, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences (Lead Applicant)
  • Myron Campbell, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies
  • Bowen Hui, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences
  • Manuela Ungureanu, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Philosophy and Political Science, Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences
  • Lori Walter, Scholarly Communication Librarian, UBC Okanagan Library


  • Flexible Learning
  • Professional Skills and Competencies



About the Project

We are proposing to create a series of flexible learning modules that adapt to different levels of competencies, giving students necessary critical skills to be leaders in the digital media research and work. Modules include video interviews, web app with interactive activities, presentations from leaders in the field of digital media, and curriculum guidelines with flexible learning techniques. We are developing evaluation criteria and a badging system for students to demonstrate their participation and knowledge synthesis. The modules will be incorporated into the curriculum for the new Bachelor of Media Studies program (BMS) program at UBCO and shared with our academic community.

Central to the BMS, students must be cognizant of digital media issues, among others, the affordances of the new medium, copyright, digital citizenship and gender issues. Our project will provide students with engaging, interdisciplinary and flexible learning material they will need to be successful in their academic and business career.

Individually, the modules address a particular issue in depth and engage student learning with interactive activities, such as games and puzzles. As a whole, the set of modules equips students with the knowledge necessary for students’ success in the field of digital media. In the first year of the project, we will connect with leaders in the field of digital media to create stories while developing and prototyping the technology framework for authoring and disseminating the modules. In the second, we will be generating assets, resulting in the complete set of five modules piloted in courses of the BMS program. Finally, in year three, we will roll-out and evaluate the modules for courses in VISA, COSC, CRWR and PHIL.

Additional Information