ALT-2040 Fund Projects, 2020

ALT-2040 Fund Recipients

The recipients of the 2020 Aspire-2040 Learning Transformations (ALT-2040) Fund are listed below. Collaborators and a summary are available from the left menu.

Category 1 – Program Enhancement (up to $25,000):

This year’s recipients are creating new (open) educational resources, enabling self-directed learning and implementing hybrid pedagogies and flexible learning.

  • Active Computational Media Composition Toolkit: Supporting Learners and Instructors in Media Art, Performance, and Creative Studies
    Aleksandra Dulic, Associate Professor, Creative Studies (Lead Applicant)
  • Developing Personalized, Expandable Learning Modules for CS1 Programming
    Abdallah Mohamed, Instructor, Computer Science (Lead Applicant)
  • On-Demand Student Support with Virtual Labs and Help Desk
    Ramon Lawrence, Associate Professor, Computer Science (Lead Applicant)

Category 2  – Program Development & Transformation (up to $100,000):

This year’s recipients are transforming existing programs to implement competencies and experiential learning, creating resources for new programs and developing new interdisciplinary programs.

  • Building Intercultural Capacity through World Literature
    Alwyn Spies, Senior Instructor, Languages and World Literatures (Lead Applicant)
  • Certificate and Minor in Communications and Rhetoric (CORH)
    Aisha Ravindran, Senior Instructor, English and Cultural Studies (Lead Applicant)
  • Developing an Integrated Flexible Learning Model for Mechatronics & Industry 4.0 Certifications at UBC Okanagan
    Ayman Elnaggar, Senior Instructor, School of Engineering (Lead Applicant)
  • Re-envisioning Human Kinetics: Empowering Future Health and Exercise Professionals through Competency-Based Curriculum and Enhanced Experiential Learning Opportunities
    Tanya Forneris, Senior Instructor, School of Health and Exercise Science (Lead Applicant)