Committing to a Culture Of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


  • Manuela Reekie, Associate Dean – Professional Practice & Engagement- Faculty of Health and Social Development, Associate Professor of Teaching, School of Nursing

Other Applicants

  • Co-applicant: Jackie Denison MSN, RN, Associate Professor of Teaching, School of Nursing, FHSD
  • Co-applicant: Rishma Chooniedass BSc, BN, MN, RN, Lecturer, School of Nursing, FHSD
  • Co-applicant: Katrina Plamondon PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, FHSD
  • Collaborator: Laura Mercer BSN, RN, Clinical Assistant, School of Nursing, FHSD

Full Title: Committing to a Culture Of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Building a Pathway Towards the Development of Culturally Competent BSN Prepared Nurses


Over the last year, educational institutions are increasingly called upon to acknowledge our historical and contemporary role in colonization. Despite obligations in our Code of Ethics, most nursing and health professional programs across Canada are criticized for their inattention to issues of racism and equity. The UBC Okanagan BSN program focuses largely on Western biomedical healthcare models and theories, with minimal content on decolonizing and anti-racism practices, understanding their role of social position and power as nurses, and delivering culturally competent nursing care to Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) or those who identify as LGBTQ2+spirit.

This project will facilitate the development of culturally competent BSN graduates by 1) undergoing a critical analysis of the curriculum to incorporate foundational learning outcomes that explicitly address inclusion, diversity, and equity 2) providing equity and inclusion training for teachers and 3) ensuring that the School of Nursing (SoN) has the educational resources available to support a truly inclusive, diverse and equitable curriculum. In the context of this project, cultural competence not only refers to the ability to provide healthcare that meets patients’ social, cultural and linguistic needs, but also encompasses an awareness of one’s own social position and power, world view, and the development of skills for communication and interaction across cultures.


In alignment with the core values of inclusion, collaboration and innovation outlined within UBC’s strategic plan, the Faculty of Health and Social Development (FHSD), and the SoN are committed to ensuring the delivery of programs that are inclusive, diverse and equitable.