Students! Choose Your Own Pathway


Myron Campbell, Instructor, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies (UBC Okanagan)


  • Miles Thorogood, Instructor, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and Irving K Barber School of Arts & Sciences (UBC Okanagan)
  • Sabine Weyland, Instructor, School of Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science (UBC Okanagan)
  • Janine Hirtz, Educational Consultant, Centre for Teaching & Learning

Full Title: Students! Choose Your Own Pathway: Flexible Curriculum for Cross-disciplinary Project-based Courses


We are proposing to improve the student experience within introductory digital media courses and to integrate more efficiently with the art & design network at UBC Okanagan Campus. VISA 106/108: Introduction to Digital Media I & II are project-based courses that establish a foundational core in digital design and contemporary media art practices through computer imaging, animation, video production, creative coding, generative art, sound art, interactive media and other emerging digital technologies.

VISA 106 will continue a traditional, linear experience to establish fundamental skills in digital media, while VISA 108 will take a more modular approach; one that is flexible and one that adapts to individual needs. A student will pick a pathway that best supports their respective program and appropriately tailor their experience.

We will present students with several potential pathways at the beginning of VISA 108. The students will construct their own learning pathway much like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure®’ type experience. The training videos lead the student through a set of tutorials with each milestone resulting in a completed project. Once four projects have been completed, the student receives a badge as a measure of success through their chosen pathway.

These modular pathways employ a consistency in learning and allow each student to digest the curriculum at their own pace. Simultaneously, students receive consistent technical instruction no matter who the instructor is while also allowing for flexibility within their skill set.