Call for Proposals: Aspire Learning and Teaching Fund


The 2020-21 Call for Proposals will be posted in September, 2019 – please check back! A brief overview of the planned changes is provided below.


The Aspire Learning and Teaching (ALT) Fund was established in 2015 to support the transformative learning recommendations of the Aspire Vision by encouraging academic program innovation. Over the past four years, 14 projects were funded, engaging faculty members and students in every UBC Okanagan Faculty. In that same time period, the University developed a new strategic plan (Shaping UBC’s Next Century). UBCO responded by setting a bold direction for the campus through Outlook 2040.

As we get ready to launch the Fund’s fifth year of operation, we want to honour the founding principles of Aspire and bridge to the transformative learning vision of Outlook 2040. To signify this, the ALT Fund’s full name is changing to the Aspire-2040 Learning Transformations Fund – ALT-2040 Fund for short!

To accelerate our ability to meet the academic innovation expectations embodied in Outlook 2040, the ALT-2040 Fund will include two categories: 1) program enhancement (projects up to $25,000) and 2) program development and transformation (projects up to $100,000). This change create opportunities for more faculty to access support for engaging in different types of program-level innovation. The ALT-2040 Fund, unlike its predecessor, may be used to develop new academic programs.

With the change in scope, the ALT-2040 Fund is poised to be a tremendous engine to support UBCO’s Outlook 2040 transformative learning goals. Look for the release of the Call for Proposals in September 2019.