ALT-2040 Fund announcement

Newly introduced in the 2019 academic year, the ALT-2040 Fund is intended to encourage and accelerate curricular transformations and new program development as envisioned in Outlook 2040, while leveraging the strategies and advancing the goals of UBC’s Strategic plan.

The ALT-2040 Fund has two categories, differentiated by scope and funding amount. Projects funded in Category 1 enhance students’ learning experiences by introducing strategic innovations at the course or module level. Projects funded in Category 2 represent new credit-based academic programs or a significant program redesign. The funded projects for each category are listed below.

Category 1: Program Enhancement (up to $25,000)

This year’s recipients are creating new (open) educational resources, enabling self-directed learning and implementing hybrid pedagogies and flexible learning.

  • Active Computational Media Composition Toolkit: Supporting Learners and Instructors in Media Art, Performance, and Creative Studies
    Aleksandra Dulic, Associate Professor, Creative Studies (Lead Applicant)
  • Developing Personalized, Expandable Learning Modules for CS1 Programming
    Abdallah Mohamed, Instructor, Computer Science (Lead Applicant)
  • On-Demand Student Support with Virtual Labs and Help Desk
    Ramon Lawrence, Associate Professor, Computer Science (Lead Applicant)

Category 2: Program development and transformation (up to $100,000)

This year’s recipients are transforming existing programs to implement competencies and experiential learning, creating resources for new programs and developing new interdisciplinary programs.

  • Building Intercultural Capacity through World Literature
    Alwyn Spies, Senior Instructor, Languages and World Literatures (Lead Applicant)
  • Certificate and Minor in Communications and Rhetoric (CORH)
    Aisha Ravindran, Senior Instructor, English and Cultural Studies (Lead Applicant)
  • Developing an Integrated Flexible Learning Model for Mechatronics and Industry 4.0 Certifications at UBC Okanagan
    Ayman Elnaggar, Senior Instructor, School of Engineering (Lead Applicant)
  • Re-envisioning Human Kinetics: Empowering Future Health and Exercise Professionals through Competency-Based Curriculum and Enhanced Experiential Learning Opportunities
    Tanya Forneris, Senior Instructor, School of Health and Exercise Science (Lead Applicant)

Projects from both levels include examples of the Outlook 2040 themes of engaging community and industry, responding to rapid development in the world of work and training, preparing students for an increasingly interconnected world and supporting student well-being. More detail on each project is available on the ALT-2040 Fund website (

I am excited to see where these outstanding projects go in the years to come!


Ananya Mukherjee Reed
Provost and Vice-President, Academic
UBC Okanagan